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The price on webshop is net price without value added tax in European countries.

Please note that we do not deal with individual customers in this webshop.

If you haven't registered yet to our website, please do so. After you have signed up, please wait a few days until we sort your account into one of our groups. After we have sorted you in a group, you will be able to see the exact prices.

As an active trading company, we distribute our products to contract partners, regular shop chain partners and resellers. 

We have an order minimum policy for new business partners.

For some products, there is a required minimum order quantity (lot or whole carton)


1, For contract partners: According to our yearly contract, our representitive will continuesly contact and offer you new products. You can also visit our webshop to find what poducts you are interested in, and add those to your order list. We will contact you based your interest, and make you a personal offer.

2, For regular partners: The partners who have already done bussiness with us since years, can select and add item to order list in our webshop. They will get our price discount and delivery service according to our last agreement.

3, For new reseller partners: Please note that you have to be a reseller to be our partner.The order minimum for the first order should be over net value Euro100/30000huf . Every following order should be over net value 35 EUR / 10000HUF.

How to order:

1. Please create your account with your legal company name, address, tax number, and contact info.

2. Add your selected products to the order list. We will contact you by e-mail, phone or fax within 1-2 working days, to confirm what product we can delivery to you. We will also agree on the delivery method.

3. Be aware, that some product may be out of stock at the moment. Since we have a few thousand products, and hundreds of partners, our stock is changing every minute. Also please note,that sometimes price modification may not be updated in time. Please wait until we confirm your order so we can agree on every details.

4. After we have confirmed and agreed on the payment and delivery method, we will prepare your order in 1-2 working days.

Delivery information:

Inside Hungary:

-You will recieve your order within 1-3 days.

-Free shiping applied if your order is over net amount 100 000 ft.

-otherwise,we charge 1500ft/contibox

Other European countries:

- You will recieve your order within about 2-7 working days

- Free shipping applied, if your order's net amount  is over 650EUR, or shipping charge (net price): basic 20EUR+10EUR/contibox

 Conti box: maximum 56×67×47 cm, about 0.18 cubic metre


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